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About Stellar Moon LLC

How I started

The Journey

My name is Jessica. I’ve spent almost a decade working as a Certified Public Accountant in Corporate America. In that time I have learned some very important lessons about work and about myself.

Life is about choices and regardless of my income, role, or resume, I HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE  MY LIFE AS PEACEFUL OR AS STRESSFUL AS I WANT TO. So I CHOOSE peace of mind over          deadlines. I CHOOSE rest over productivity, and I CHOOSE passion over promotion.

I prefer deep, spiritual conversations over networking and schmoozing. I 💜 things that make my soul come alive. That’s why I’ve gravitated so much toward holistic health, aromatherapy, and yoga.

I DON’T NEED TO BE PRODUCTIVE TO BE VALUABLE. I used to buy into the lie that keeps us in the rat race. It really helped me do well in school and work. But it was slowly killing me inside. I was so worried about performing well and proving my worth. I was working 12+ hour days in the office without eating! I was always irritated, exhausted, or both. So I decided enough was enough. This wasn’t good for my loved ones and it definitely wasn’t good for me. I needed to manage my stress.

Then I remembered how aromatherapy had helped me in the past and I knew I wanted to help other women manage their stress too.

So I founded Stellar Moon LLC in order to help women --- just like me --- develop and commit to a self-care routine based in aromatherapy so that they could conveniently manage their emotional/mental wellbeing. And what better way to do that than to swap some of your normal beauty and skincare products with ones naturally fragranced with essential oils? For beauty & skincare that helps heal the mind and body!

Stellar Moon's Purpose

The Mission

At Stellar Moon LLC, we understand that a lack of a daily mindfulness routine can cause us to feel overwhelmed or physically unwell. So we decided to handcraft products that blend the mood-boosting benefits of nature with the mesmerizing scents of plant essences.

Using aromatherapy at its core, we focus on creating fragrances that are natural and plant based. We use only essential oils to create enchanting scents with a purpose: to elevate our vibrations, rebalance us, and encourage us to stop and attend to our own mental and emotional needs.

And WITHOUT ambiguous "fragrance" terms listed on the label.

​Interested in aromas that lift your spirit? Maybe a scent that helps calm your nerves? Or maybe you want to smell something that helps relax your mind? Our products are specifically designed with plant oils that exude magic. For sacred beauty that goes deeper than skin.

Stellar Moon LLC is proud to be a black-owned, woman-owned online beauty and wellness brand. We firmly believe that we must end systemic racism and create equity for all.

We guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. Take a look at our site and get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


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